Decca Derby
(5x10", 78rpm, Decca, UK, ca. 1937)


Derby Winner Race Record
12", 78rpm, West Coast Novelty Co., USA, 1940s)


Gala Turf Derby And Motorboat Race
10", 78rpm, Novelty Records Co, USA, 1930s)


Phono-Finish Horse Race
12", 78rpm, Mason Williams Co, Chicago, USA, 1945)


Race Game
78rpm, Century Party Records, Australia, 1940s)

Magic Disc Horse Race
10", 78rpm, Decca/Magi-Trak, UK, 1930s)

Hippo Flash
7", Comireix, France, ca. 1958)

Foto-Finish (boxed version)
(7" cardboard record, Chad Valley, UK,

(economy version)
7" cardboard record, Chad Valley, UK, 1958)

Racing Fans
(3x7", 78rpm, Racing Fans Inc,
USA, 1955)

The Australian Race Game
7", 33rpm, Century Party Records, Australia, 1950s) 

Horse Race Party-Game Record
xflexidisc, Daryl Wells, Canada, 1965)


Derby Downs (12", 45 rpm, Great Games Inc, USA, 1973)

The Wakkiest Races On Record
LP, EMS Records, Australia, 1970s)

Photo-Finish. Play Pictorial's Horse Race Game
(LP, Pictorial Records, USA,

They're At The Post
(4xLP, Maas Marketing, Arthur Sugarman, Canada, 1975)

They're At The Post
1XLP, Maas Marketing, Homestead, USA, 1976)


C'est Le Départ, They're Off
(4xLP, Maas Marketing, Arthur Sugarman, Canada, 1975)


Horse & Auto Race Game
(LP, Urania, USA, ca.1960)

They're Off/They're At The Post, 5 edifferent editions
(Maas Marketing, Homestead, UK/USA/Canada, 1975-76)



Tornar Back